Payroll Outsourcing Services in Lucknow

Payroll Services are to organise and manage employee payments that ensure timely and automated payments to their employees. There are a lot of vendors that offer payroll outsourcing in Lucknow but one of the best in this arena is Zeevika.

Zeevika Livelihood Consultancy Zeevika is indeed one of the best payroll vendors out there which provides payroll outsourcing in Lucknow. We offer our best payroll services to various kinds of businesses including small to large organisations. With experience in different industries such as IT, hospitality, healthcare, etc. With a proven track record, Zeevika Livelihood Consultancy stands out as the best in payroll outsourcing services in Lucknow.


Payroll Outsourcing Service

Zeevika Livelihood Consultant is a developed company that deals in a vast range of services such as payroll services like (Attendance, Salary, PF, ESIC, Challan, Payslip, Annexure, UAN Generation, PF withdrawal, Gratuity, Bonus, Labour Law, Factory Act etc.)

We provide all types of experienced resources for short and long terms. These resources are available and will be provided at our premises under direct supervision.

You can consider Zeevika for the quality of work and best services. Zeevika Livelihood Consultancy is providing various kinds of assistance that prove why payroll services should be outsourced to us. Payroll Management includes –

  1. Attendance/Salary Sheet 
  2. PF/ESIC Challan 
  3. Pay Slip
  4. Annexure 
  5. Gratuity Management 
  6. Bonus Management 
  7. Labour Law
  8. Factory Act Compliance
  9. UAN/ IP Generation
  10. PF Withdrawal 
  11. Taxation (TDS)
  12. HR Audit Services
  13. Leave Management 
  14. Joining Formalities 
  15. Leaving Formalities

Why Choose Us ?

Zeevika is one of the reliable consultancies that offer the best services to its clients. There are various reasons why you should choose Zeevika for payroll outsourcing –

Extensive Services

Zeevika delivers all services related to payroll administration. Be it Monthly payslips or full and final settlement you will get everything here.

Outsourcing is the modern solution

Payroll outsourcing to reliable, professional and experienced third-party payroll vendors like Zeevika Livelihood Consultancy is always a smart choice to concentrate on the core business.

Lifelong Client Relationship

Zeevika is the best in outsourcing payroll services that make lifelong relations with their clients and the clients who get connected to us remain with us.

Up-to-Date and Modern Technology

For the best payroll outsourcing Zeevika Livelihood Consultancy uses modern technology that gives you computerized, superior payroll services with faultless and 100% accuracy along with confidentiality of data and information.

Dedicated Workforce

We believe in turning dreams into reality hence we believe in constant dedication and hard work to provide the best payroll outsourcing services. We are not confined only to experience, with positive work culture we ensure quality services is provided to clients by our talented workforce.


With the experience of many years in this area Zeevika is the best service provider with a proven track record.

One-stop solution

Zeevika is your one-stop solution for all your HR needs. From offering the best payroll outsourcing services to providing the best staffing solutions you will get everything.


Answer – The payroll service refers to granting the payment to employees after all the deductions and perks which helps in the smooth functioning of the work related to payment and remuneration to employees.

Answer- It is a huge time saver and reduces the pressure on the owner which helps you in focusing on your main business activities. It also works on payroll calculations and deductions quicker and generates accurate payslips.

Answer – You can connect with us on the number provided and also for more details regarding this you can visit our website –

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  • Address – Jopling Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow,        Uttar Pradesh, India
  • E-Mail –
  • Mobile – 0-8317-0340-94, 9569-003-432


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